Jan. 15th, 2016

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Just popping in to announce that partner Jeffrey J. Mariotte and I turned in the first of our three Xena: Warrior Princess novels to our editor today. That much closer to you all getting to read it!

Speaking of reading, 7 SYKOS releases in a little over a week (January 26th, to be exact). It will be a digital release, with the paperback following a month later. Have I shown you the cover yet? No? Well, let's rectify that posthaste!

Awesome, huh? The Walking Dead meets The Andromeda Strain. You're gonna love it!

A move, a day job, and some other life changes have left precious little time for blogging, but Jeff and I will be doing a few guest posts to help promote the book in the next few weeks, as well as some local(ish) book signings. More info as I have specifics.

Everything Else

That's all I have time or energy for tonight, faithful readers. But check back in a few days - there's a lot of stuff happening in Marcyville, most of which I can't wait to share with you all! More soon - promise!


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