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Busy couple of weekends coming up! Nov 4-6 is Tucson Comic-Con where hubby/partner Jeffrey J. Mariotte and I will be camped out at Booth 427 except for when we're at panels. Jeff has a comics panel Saturday morning and then we have one we're doing that afternoon on tie-in work.

Saturday, Nov 5, 11:30-12:20, Greenlee Room
Artistic Ability Not Required: Ways to Break Into The Comic Industry
with Jeff Mariotte, Bernie Fritts, and Brian Miller

Saturday, Nov 5, 1:30-2:20, Gila Room
Writing in Other People's Worlds for Money and Fun
with Marsheila Rockwell (me) and Jeff Mariotte

Then TusCon 43 is the following weekend, Nov 11-13. Jeff and I have two panels and an autograph session there:

Friday, Nov 11, 6-7, Palo Verde Room
Crime Writing for Non-Crime Writers
with Marsheila Rockwell and Jeff Mariotte

Friday, Nov 11, 7-9, Seville Ballroom
Meet the Guests

Saturday, Nov 12, 2-3, Upper Terrace
Autograph Session
with Marsheila Rockwell, Jeff Mariotte, Jay Smith, William Herr, and Adam Rex

Sunday, Nov 13, 11-noon, Seville Ballroom
Writing Across Category and Genre
with Marsheila Rockwell, Jeff Mariotte, J.L. Doty, Cynthia Ward, Erin Wilcox, Beth Meacham, and Kathryn Lance

Hopefully you can come see us at one or both events!

Everything Else

Despite a heartbreaking loss in OT, my Huskers remain in the Top Ten! Woot! GBR! (You knew you wouldn't get away without some football talk, right?)


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Can't wait for the weekend(s)!

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